Friday, February 5, 2010

Why are we so behind?

No, I'm not talking about the "Can I FXXX you today?" Anwar controversy. This is quite random but I'm sure you have wondered, why is our technology for broadband so #yorais?. At the same time, I feel pissed because we're paying so much for our so called broadband when all we get are broadband packages ranging from 384kbps till 2Mbps or 4Mbps (depending on location and availability). Honestly, the only major player we have in the country is StreamyX which is a subsidiary of Malaysia's main telecommunication provider TM Bhd. When one speaks about StreamyX , there are a few key words associated with it; slow, throttle, tmnut, ScreamyX.


We also have t-shirt designs for ScreamyX StreamyX! Even wikipedia has some info about StreamyX. Should we be proud of it? A snippet from the article:
"In June 2007, TMnet launches it 4mbps service which is at present, its fastest available speed."
How many years has it been since we had broadband? A mere 4mbps? We don't even have to go far to compare; take Singapore for example. The screen shot below was taken from Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).


Naw, we ain't that bad, we have more than one ISPs in the country. Feel free to check out their services from
here. Shocking isn't it? I'm not going into statistics and network utilization crap but lets do a very simple comparison. Compare the 2 packages below;

StarHub from Singapore

StreamyX from Malaysia

Let's not talk about currency and exchange rate but rather compare what they can offer and we currently have. Its a disgrace to see our main ISP providing such services while Singapore are way more technological advanced in broadband. What were we doing when Singapore was implementing their broadband roll out plan back in 1998? Most of us got our broadband when it was available for homes back in April 2001 and that was with a mere speed of 384kbps to begin with!

And here we are talking about MSC and Wawasan 2020 while we're battling against the sodomy case of Anwar, racist remarks towards indians and chinese, the "Allah" word controversy, churches and surau(s) being arsoned? All focuses are towards politics and what we see in the news. I guess that is why they called it Vision 2020 because its really just a vision. Take a look at the challenges set for Vision 2020;

  • Challenge 1: Establishing a united Malaysian nation made up of one Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race). (Fail)
  • Challenge 2: Creating a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society. (Fail)
  • Challenge 3: Fostering and developing a mature democratic society. (Fail)
  • Challenge 4: Establishing a fully moral and ethical society. (Fail)
  • Challenge 5: Establishing a matured liberal and tolerant society. (Fail)
  • Challenge 6: Establishing a scientific and progressive society. (Fail)
  • Challenge 7: Establishing a fully caring society. (Fail)
  • Challenge 8: Ensuring an economically just society, in which there is a fair and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation. (Fail)
  • Challenge 9: Establishing a prosperous society with an economy that is fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient. (Fail)
And you know what? even the 1Malaysia concept failed. Why? Because it wasn't an original idea to being with! Singapore had that a long time ago;

Despite all the negative vibes surrounding TM, they are however rolling out High Speed Broadband in phases. There is no information regarding any new packages or prices at the moment. So for more information regarding this HSBB, you can visit HERE. But after checking their website;

Is HSBB available in my area?


Niamah! Q3

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