Monday, December 17, 2012

A plan for your awesome iPhone 5 with Celcom


Alright, so we're not gonna receive a call like The Matrix but if you have a smartphone like an iPhone, you're most likely to get a data plan along with it. With a data plan, you'll be able to  browse the web, chat with your friends as well as watching videos on youtube via your phone. With that said, have you got your plan yet? No? Then you might be in for a treat.

Here are some advantages from Celcom's Plan

Basically, there are 3 plans for you to choose from Celcom; Celcom First Prime, Celcom First Premier, and Celcom First Elite.

Here are the breakdown for the respective plans

How it works. Celcom First plans will two offerings from each plans; 12 months commitment and 24 months commitments. This is great flexibility for new iPhone 5 owners to choose a commitment plan which suits their budget.

To check out each respective rates for both phone and monthly payment, it's best if you head over to Celcom's website at for easier reference between each plan type.

All the Celcom First plans comes with a standard FREE Data:

  • FREE Additional 1GB Data will be given once the data usage allowance has exceeded. To redeem, type BROADBAND VOLUME and send to 22188; then type ON VOL1GB and send to 22188
  • All iPhone 5 subscribers can enjoy FREE monthly WiFi. To redeem, type ON WIFI and send to 22188; then type WIFI MONTHLY and send to 22188. FREE WiFi will be valid for 3 months.
  • Advanced bill payment will be credited to the first bill
  • Other Celcom First and usage of iPhone terms and conditions apply

I'm sure you'll find a suitable Celcom plan to suit your needs.

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