Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New blog for the new year!

Hello folks! Yeap, its me, Andrew. Some of you might have known/read/visited/blocked(I hope not), my old blog which was started back in 2007. I ain't gonna create a new blog with incrementing year behind it(DOH). I wanted something more casual. So here it is:

Why runningandrew.blogspot? Well, don't be mistaken. It is not because I love running THAT much but I wanted something unpretentious. It's simple actually, I wanted a simple and clean layout. Not to mention a relaxing theme. My buddy Marcus gave me this idea in the first place. So my shoutout to him! His blog is fun to read although most some of his posts are actually lame jokes. I'm still in the midst of editing/designing the site so this might not be the final design.

I know its the third week into January but nevertheless,

Happy New Year!


It's Year Of The Tiger....RAWR!

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