Thursday, January 28, 2010

1Malaysia? Your Malaysia? My Malaysia? Whose?

Nowadays when one speaks about buying a new house, it is no longer "How much" but rather "Is it a gated community?". Many of the existing older housing areas have their own security "system" by having selected committee members and hiring guards from security companies for daily patrolling at designated area. Sad to say, my housing area too, is a gated community. Though it may seem normal these days but I feel sick by just looking at them. Roads being blocked by barrels and iron gates when it used to be open; which means you have do drive around the whole damn block to freaking get out! Apart from all the barrels and gates, you see cars with shit load of stickers; your passport to enter into the neighborhood without being questioned(which also indirectly means you are paying for their monthly salary la).

These two pictures are just sample of what our "gated community" is like in some housing area. To be honest, 90% of the guards that I have seen don't stop you before entering the neighborhood. They simply wave and smile like automated greeting dolls. The ones that stops you before entering are those entrances with automatic gates. What's next? You get questions like "Nak pergi mana?", "Alamat?" which means "Where are you going?", " "Address?".

That is just one of the things we see these days. What's worse? I'm pretty sure you know about the "Allah" controversy( Allah being used in Herald ). It has been going on for many months and since the beginning of this year, things pretty much got out of hand. I'm no politic fan boy and to cut the long story short, some churches were arsoned and splashed with red paint while mosques are left with wild boar heads. I gotta admit, our police did quite a good job in nabbing the suspects of the arson attack. One of them was dumb enough to post it on his facebook. He realized that it was probably one of the most idiotic thing to do but I guess its too late isn't it?

In another case, some blogger insulted the late Sultan of Johor Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail. How stupid can one be to even do that? Yes you want to be heard but you don't do crazy shit like that. And here we have our Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, telling us not to be sucked into Facebook and twitter.

But guess what, I did a little digging and...

Yes Dr. Rais? You were saying? If that isn't enough what about...

And if that STILL not enough, what Yes, even our beloved PM's wife, Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor has her own blog. So what say you? In the star article, he mentioned:

.....facilities like internet could not be accepted wholly because it was a form of business introduced by the West and "Malaysians were just users."

Now THAT is one major contradicting statement. If its just a form of business, why do we need to have sites like and What kind of image is he trying to potray to the world? That we're still living in ancient time of doing business through fax and telephone era?

And the irony is, he has his own twitter. But I guess he took it down or something because I can't seem to find his page but trust me, just go to HERE. and you see what I mean. The "#yorais" is in the trend now. If you don't know, you are so #yorais man :D

So tell others proudly, "Saya Anak Malaysia". Comments?


  1. Rais Yatim is just another coward guy in Malaysian..No Balls at all...

  2. :) Malaysia is wonderful.

    Now we got news about 20K for the slowest mat rempit hahahhahah


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